It’s not really about us. It’s about you.

It’s about ensuring you are comfortable and at-ease with your dental services.

At  Nashoba Family Dentists, we understand the importance of making sure that you are comfortable and well cared for. That’s why we work hard to take a genuine and caring attitude and approach to you and your family. Whether you are here for a dental check-up and cleaning or something more, we will ensure your experience is a good one.

With the latest technology and a focus on a clean environment, we are here to handle all of your dental needs, professionally, comfortably and efficiently.

Meet the Doctors

We want you to know us professionally as well as personally. It’s not just about what we know, it’s also about ensuring you’re comfortable with who we are. Click the button below any of our photos to read more about our experience, our lives and our interest.

Dr. Angela Bhan

Dr. Angela Bhan


Dr. Bhan has valuable experience in treating medically compromised patients in a hospital-based setting as well as carrying out other aspects of dentistry such as restorative work, extractions and prosthodontics.

Dr. Brendan Curley

Dr. Brendan Curley


Dr. Curley has worked in family practice since 2000 providing full-service family care. He was exposed to the Dental profession at an early age; working for Dr. Markowitz in his Leominster practice in high school.

Dr. Michael Richler

Dr. Michael Richler


Dr. Richler is a pediatric dentist, specializing in making children and youth feel comfortable and at-ease when receiving dental work. He is dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy to young adulthood with his goal to make every child’s dental experience a happy one.

Dr. Patel

Dr. Bhumi Patel


Dr. Patel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience while embracing her philosophy of treating patients the way she would like to be treated. She understands the dental needs of families and believes in caries prevention through patient education.

Headshot of Dr. Coleman

Dr. Daniel K. Coleman


Dr. Daniel K Coleman is a compassionate and talented dentist specializing in periodontics and implant dentistry. He is an educator and lecturer at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Coleman has been recognized for his outstanding education and clinical capabilities. His passion for dentistry has led him to provide courses on periodontal health and surgical technique for dental professionals all over the world.

Headshot of Dr. Sara Hoge

Dr. Sara Hoge

Dr. Hoge is committed to compassionate patient care. She aims to provide a positive patient experience and has a vested interest in working with emergency patients in pain and patients with high dental anxiety.

Experienced Professionals

The team at Nashoba Family Dentists understands the importance of making sure that you are comfortable and well cared for.

Everyone on staff is professionally trained yet has a genuine caring attitude and approach toward all or our patients. Whether you are here for a simple checkup and cleaning or require dental implants or Invisalign we will make sure your experience is a great one!

From routine cleanings and fillings to bruxism devices, Nashoba Family Dentists is equipped to handle all your dental needs in a professional and friendly manner.

We offer a full range of services including bonding, cosmetic contouring, crowns and bridges, specialty dentures, cosmetic fillings, implants, veneers, teeth whitening, sealants, root canal treatment, extractions, scaling and root planing, cosmetic dentistry, and Invisalign.

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Using Technology to Empower Optimal Health and Safety

At Nashoba Family Dentists, we make it a priority to use the latest technology and sterilization processes to ensure you not only feel confident in the cleanliness and procedures of our office but that you can be assured that we have the latest dental solutions and equipment to take care of you as efficiently as possible while ensuring you are comfortable.

A 3D imaging machine

Digital Imaging

We follow many guidelines when it comes to digital imagery and choose carefully which and when radiographs are taken.

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A dental laser shining its light into an open mouth

Laser Dentistry

For patients who do not look forward to needles, drilling, or numbness, Laser Dentistry may be the right choice. Laser dentistry uses a laser that delivers energy in the form of light.

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A dental assistant holds an intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras process information through computers and TV screens. Many patients, especially younger patients, are very familiar with the latest technology and are comfortable with high tech practice.

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Blue surgical gloves and several masks lay on a blue background

Infection Control

Infection controls and universal precautions protect you and our staff from infection.

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